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Health care wins and personal business rulings from CTU-CPS arbitration

Health care wins and personal business rulings from CTU-CPS arbitration

Despite challenges around personal business days and the difficulty the Union has in combating CPS resistance to these cases, we continue to see arbitration victories for our members. Also, our new contract has yielded some significant improvements in certain aspects of our health insurance coverage.

Spring arbitration summary

Spring arbitration summary

The Union has recently won arbitration victories in five separate cases related to unsatisfactory REACH ratings, layoff rights, the timely filing of grievances and religious holidays. Arbitration cases are complex, time-consuming and costly to fight. CPS knows this, of course, and its tactic is often to force grievances into the lengthy arbitration process, which delays justice, depletes union resources and wears down opposition to its mistreatment of members.

End-of-year dates/assessment voting

End-of-year dates revised At the April 25th Chicago Board of Education meeting, the following schedule was adopted to make up for the snow day this winter: Tuesday, June 19th becomes the final student attendance day. Wednesday, June 20th becomes the teacher-directed...

Grading guideline victory

Our new grading guidelines spell out what teachers can be required to do in terms of grading. Members at a Network 12 elementary school were asked in an all-staff meeting last fall if they agreed to do three grades per week and to have five pre-set weights and...