New Delegates in Citywide and Charter Representative Units

For the end of the three year delegate term this January, the CTU held nomination meetings for delegate positions in citywide representative units. This included PSRP and clinician positions for both district and charter schools. The number of members nominated for each representative unit did not exceed the number of positions. So, none of the nominations were contested and elections were not necessary. The names of these new delegates are listed below for each representative unit.

Notice of Elections for the 2021-2023 Three Year Delegate Term

Notice of Elections for the 2021-2023 Three Year Delegate Term

The terms of office of current delegates will end on January 31, 2021. This means that all school delegates as well as other active member delegates, such as PSRP delegates, clinician delegates, etc. will need to conduct remote elections in their functional groups in order to be seated at the February House of Delegates meeting on February 3, 2021.

Notice of Remote Delegate Election Procedures

It is essential that every school and citywide functional group have a delegate at this critical time, as we continue to negotiate work conditions during the pandemic.

The CTU Executive Board approved supplemental procedures for conducting remote delegate elections to fill vacancies when elections cannot be held in person. Members at schools or in functional groups that have appointed delegates may also request a remote delegate election.