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Notice of Election for High School Teacher Functional Vice President

At the November 4, 2020, House of Delegates meeting, all delegates in the High School Teachers functional group will vote between David Arredondo, Michael Smith and Kassandra Tsitsopoulos to fill the one High School Teachers Functional Vice President vacancy on the Executive Board.

Notice of Remote Delegate Election Procedures

It is essential that every school and citywide functional group have a delegate at this critical time, as we continue to negotiate work conditions during the pandemic.

The CTU Executive Board approved supplemental procedures for conducting remote delegate elections to fill vacancies when elections cannot be held in person. Members at schools or in functional groups that have appointed delegates may also request a remote delegate election.

Notice of Election for Elementary Functional Vice President

Notice of Election for Elementary Functional Vice President

Two candidates, Paula Barajas of Ruiz Elementary and Theresa Hen of Garvey Elementary, were nominated for Functional Vice President of Elementary School Teachers at the January 8, 2020 House of Delegates meeting. At the February 5, 2020 House of Delegates meeting…