Member Bulletin for November 15, 2023

Topics in this bulletin include Contract campaign kickoff, Sports Stipends, PSRP Day, Teach truth, not Skyline, Instituto rally and more!

Member Bulletin for November 8, 2023

Topics: Contract campaign kickoff, Nov. 15 action to teach truth, not Skyline, ASPIRA TA, National School Psychology Week, Instituto rally, CPS budget meetings and more!

State Report Card data demonstrate that CPS needs continued investment in people and programs to support students across the district

The dueling pandemics of COVID-19 and racial injustice and inequity have made school extremely hard for a generation of students and their educators. Students and educators have worked tirelessly to create learning environments that support the whole child, but these efforts require additional investments.

School budgets must support the right to recovery

CPS is proposing more than 200 schools receive budget cuts for the 2022 school year of more than $42 million, at a time when the district is sitting on billions in federal stimulus money. That’s just half a percentage point of the annual operating budget, or just 1.5 percent of the total $2.6 billion plus in federal COVID relief CPS has received since 2020.