District-Wide Safety Committee Update

Learn more about important updates on care room attendants — they’re staying — as well as spikes in COVID and other dangerous viruses, safety recommendations (including vaccines, masking), and how to report safety issues in your school

Care room attendants, COVID safety next steps

We’ve gotten news from CPS that 80% of all of our schools have elected to maintain their care room attendants, which are provided centrally by the district through an outside vendor. These positions were established by CTU and SEIU in our safety agreements to ensure...
Preparing now for the winter COVID surge, our school communities will be crucial.

Preparing now for the winter COVID surge, our school communities will be crucial.

Many epidemiologists anticipate that there will be a winter surge of COVID infections, especially after our students and families are in congregate settings, like during the upcoming Thanksgiving break and throughout the winter. Mitigations embedded in our safety agreement will be crucial for the safety of our students and families.

CTU educators join parents, families stricken by violence in vigil calling for resources, support to help communities heal

Families, communities struggling with daily tragedy from violence cry out for more support while facing chronic disinvestment and bracing for mayor’s $60+ million in staffing and program cuts across half of CPS schools. 5:30 p.m. (gather), 6:00 p.m. (start), Thursday,...

3:30P Tues: Little Village educators, families, electeds mobilize against steep budget cuts at already starved schools

Lightfoot’s CPS team slashes over $3 million from Little Village school budgets as district sits on $1.4 billion in federal COVID relief dollars, low-balls scope of harm from cuts to critical programs. 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 31: Protest, press conference with...