Member Bulletin for November 15, 2023

Topics in this bulletin include Contract campaign kickoff, Sports Stipends, PSRP Day, Teach truth, not Skyline, Instituto rally and more!

Memo on a victory: CPS officially reverses discipline of members issued last winter

On Friday, CPS finally sent the discipline rescission notices to 55 members targeted this past winter for communicating with parents about how unsafe CPS’ reopening plan was. But it took until this past Friday for CPS to finally issue the formal notification, and it’s been great to receive happy messages from some of the impacted members!

Take Action: Demand CPS honor our bargain

Take Action: Demand CPS honor our bargain

CPS is illegally reneging on its deal. Our 11-day strike forced CPS to recognize the contributions of its veteran teachers, among other improvements. As soon as CTU members voted to ratify the agreement, however, the district broke our deal and demanded that most of the $25 million be paid in one-time lump sum bonuses rather than be added to veteran teachers’ base salaries, costing them thousands of dollars in salary increases over the course of their careers because their base salaries won’t increase. CPS didn’t want to pay its veteran teachers fairly, and now it’s retaliating against them for being among the longest-tenured and most dedicated workers in our schools.

CTU members at Passages unanimously vote to accept tentative agreement

New contract cements protections for immigrant and special education students, raises wage floor and rights for educators to levels in CPS district-run schools. CHICAGO, Nov. 8, 2019—Chicago Teachers Union members at Passages charter school voted unanimously today to...