Member Bulletin for January 17, 2024

Member Bulletin for January 17, 2024

Topics include the migrant crisis, honoring Romel, inclement weather, HOD recap, call to action and more!

Member Bulletin for November 8, 2023

Topics: Contract campaign kickoff, Nov. 15 action to teach truth, not Skyline, ASPIRA TA, National School Psychology Week, Instituto rally, CPS budget meetings and more!

Member Bulletin: October 26, 2023

Topics include: Contract kickoff, end Illinois vouchers, staffing wins, Christopher House TA, and more!

Charter headlines for the week ending Sept. 10, 2021

Almost 90 percent of unionized charter schools have negotiated safety agreements with CTU that include testing, screening and increased staffing. CTU-ACTS has established a health insurance committee seeking to provide an improved and less expensive benefits package. And, after threats to close, Youth Connections Leadership Academy will remain open for another year.

Resolution on Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund Divestment from Fossil Fuels

Approximately 1.6% of total fund assets of CTPF members’ retirement savings, are invested in 225 small cap and passive strategy funds, totaling $242.3 million that include fossil fuel industries. Disinvestment from these funds will indicate that such an action is a step toward undermining financial support of an industry responsible for the devastation of the planet.

Resolution on Pension Default, Not Pension Holiday

“Pension holiday” is actually pension default worded in a way that is intended to portray the default as causing little harm or even as something positive. So, CTU will remind members and the media to use accurate language (“pension default” not “pension holiday”) in oral and written communications regarding non-payment of the employer’s pension payment that has been required.

Charter headlines for the week of May 31, 2021

Members at Urban Prep voted unanimously to strike unless management comes to the table with a more reasonable offer. CTU pressure pushed ASPIRA to retract non-renewal notices for Union members. Epic Academy terminated four of the most active CTU members on the bargaining team, prompting members to prepare to strike. Youth Connections Leadership Academy has reversed course on closing the school. CTU pushed the General Assembly to close a loophole that allowed ChiArts and other contract schools to skip contributions to the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund.