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CTU delivers contract proposals built on demand for schools Chicago students deserve

Mayor must reverse ‘separate and unequal’ school policies, end chronic neglect of South, West side public schools, and adequately staff school nurses, clinicians, ESL services, other vital education resources. Watch video of the livestreamed press conference. CHICAGO,...
#FactCheck: The truth behind Gery Chico’s ‘friendship’ with Chicago’s public school teachers

#FactCheck: The truth behind Gery Chico’s ‘friendship’ with Chicago’s public school teachers

Mayoral candidate Chico claimed to have a good working relationship with teachers when he was handpicked by Richard M. Daley to head the Board of Ed, but a closer look at his record shows destructive school policies and profits for his outside interests at the expense...

Union reopening bargaining with CPS over violation of health care clause

Board of Ed’s insistence on raising health care premiums forces the Union to reopen health care portions of the 2015-2019 Agreement. CHICAGO, Dec. 18, 2018—The Chicago Teachers Union today notified the Chicago Board of Education of its intent to reopen the...

Latest mayoral appointment underscores why we need elected, representative school board

Public school educators, parents and school communities remain locked out of district governance and oversight. CHICAGO, Dec. 14, 2018—Chicago Teachers Union President Jesse Sharkey released the following statement after news broke that Mayor Rahm Emanuel had...