Our early endorsements

Our early endorsements

The Chicago Teachers Union proudly announces its early endorsements for the 2022 election season for the candidates listed here. These endorsements were made after thorough screening by the CTU’s Political Action and Legislative committees, approval by the CTU’s Executive Board, and final ratification by the CTU House of Delegates.

After decades-long struggle, Pritzker signs bill restoring CTU bargaining rights

Repeal of despised 1995 Amendatory Act gutting bargaining rights for CPS unions at last eliminates restrictions on CTU’s ability to advocate for students and families. CHICAGO, April 2, 2020—Chicago Teachers Union President Jesse Sharkey issued the following...

IL Senate passes legislation restoring bargaining rights to CTU, as bill moves to Governor for signature

Union, grassroots allies call on legislature to restore democratic rights to Chicagoans by passing legislation giving Chicagoans what voters in every other school district in the state possess – the right to elect their school board. CHICAGO, Jan. 11, 2020—The Chicago...