Member Bulletin for November 15, 2023

Topics in this bulletin include Contract campaign kickoff, Sports Stipends, PSRP Day, Teach truth, not Skyline, Instituto rally and more!

Preschool teacher Sol Camano uses her “bilingual superpower” to support, nurture her students

Preschool teacher Sol Camano uses her “bilingual superpower” to support, nurture her students

Pre-school teacher Sol Camano didn’t think teaching was in the cards for her, even though her mother is teacher. Growing up in Los Angeles, she had wanted to be an actress. But after spending a summer doing children’s programming for refugees in Greece, she was hooked.

8:30 am 2/22: Lightfoot, CPS and Charter Leaders Ignoring the Need of Migrant Students Placed in Chicago’s Public and Charter Schools

8:30 a.m. Wednesday, February 22: Press conference to demand great attention be paid by CPS, City Hall, and Charter operators to the classroom resources and wraparound services necessary to meet the needs of newly placed migrants in Chicago.

IEP Interpreter Stipends

The Joint CTU/CPS Bilingual Committee met recently and were informed that administrators received an IEP stipend survey on 1/26/22 for them to fill out with names of folks in their building that have been translating at IEP meetings for fall of 2021. CPS stated that administrators should be reaching out to staff to confirm their eligibility so that they can receive the stipend.

Half price tuition for Bilingual and ESL endorsement programs, thanks to our contract wins

We won a big benefit for teachers seeking a Bilingual or ESL endorsement in our successful 2019 strike. Teachers who are interested in going back to college starting in 2021
to obtain their bilingual and/or ESL teacher endorsement can attend classes at half price.