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stack of paperAfter months of failed promises from CPS, including in strategic bargaining, the CTU has filed a fast-tracked grievance charging CPS network chiefs with directly violating our contract by attempting to force a massive amount of excessive paperwork and grading requirements on teachers. CPS has until the end of this month to respond, so look for an email with updates in the near future.

This problem plagues teachers across CPS, and our grievance is written to provide relief for ALL of our members.  Our grievance charges CPS and network chiefs with:

  • Requiring schools to use pacing guides;
  • Implementing grading mandates that violate the CTU/CPS guidelines;
  • Insisting on rigid grouping and instructional techniques;
  • Demanding five week assessments that correspond to vendor provided templates;
  • Strong-arming teachers to place redundant and absurd common core state standards language into their gradebook assignments.
  • In Networks 3 and 9, using gradebook monitoring tools that require at least three standards-based grades per week, even though CPS’ head of labor relations assured us that the network had no frequency mandate.

We’re demanding that all networks end these violations of our contract, under the terms of the following contract articles:

  • 3.8: including 3.8.1, targeting provisions for grievances not under the jurisdiction of a principle or administrator – this allows us to fast-track the grievance.
  • 44-21: contract-mandated limitations on paperwork.
  • 44-30: lesson planning, which says teachers do not have to file separate unit and lesson plans, gives teachers wide discretion in crafting lesson plans – and mandates that teachers get adequate time to submit lesson plans or supplements.
  • 44-32: required assessments, which requires CPS to clearly stipulate and publish by June 30 a schedule of mandated assessments for REACH, state or federal laws and regulations, and programs like IB that require a test for student credit or program accreditation.
  • 44-33: grading practices, which mandates that teachers ‘shall exercise their independent professional judgment in developing their grading practices’ – a requirement that CPS is flagrantly violating.
  • We’re also demanding that all network chiefs end their use of monitoring tools that require three grades per week, work within the contract-mandated limitations on their authority – and cease and desist from continuing to insist on grading quotas, scripted curriculum, pacing guides, periodic network assessments, format and style of lesson planning, and any additional paperwork mandates.

Our contract is only as strong as the demand that it be enforced, so we extend our gratitude to every member who’s reported excessive paperwork issues and provided the evidence we need to fast-track this grievance. You can read the full grievance at this link. For more information, contact your field rep (look them up here: www.ctunet.com/reps) or contact the CTU Grievance Department at Grievance@ctulocal1.com.