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The following resolution was passed by the House of Delegates at its April 7, 2021 monthly meeting.

WHEREAS for more than a year Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) have seen a sharp increase in the consistent racism against AAPI that is part of the historic fabric of this society and that has been accompanied by increased violence directed at AAPI. While this racism has a profound impact on AAPI every single day, particularly violent attacks like the vicious knife attack on a father and his two (2) sons, ages six (6) and three (3) years old in Midland, Texas in March 2020 and the murders of eight (8) people, six (6) of whom were AAPI women, near Atlanta, Georgia in 2021 while the police brutalized the Latinx partner of one of the victims, have been reported in the last year – and many more have not, and

WHEREAS past and current AAPI activist movements have risen in strength catalyzed by racist murders and violence in the past. In 1982, Chinese American Vincent Chin was killed by two (2) white Americans motivated by societal racism blaming all Asian Americans for the rise of the Japanese auto industry. Mr. Chin’s killers were sentenced to probation and a $3,000 fine. Following the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center Complex, militant, racist rhetoric spread killings and violence against South Asian Americans across the country. Both of these events led to mass protest and the genesis of the modern AAPI justice movement in solidarity with Muslim Americans and other peoples of color, and

WHEREAS myths of the model minority and dominant stereotypes of East Asians have done deep damage to the entire AAPI community while historically reinforcing anti Black racism and been deployed to attack existing and future multiracial solidarity movements, and

WHEREAS this latest wave of anti-Asian violence was grown by bi-partisan Sinophobia and propagation of the Yellow Peril myth, including within the movement to destroy and privatize public education and fanned by the Trump administration, whose toxic mix of anti-immigrant xenophobia, anti-Asian racism, and U.S. imperial foreign policy brought about these tragic results. Extreme oppression of AAPI has been part of American life for many dating back to the mid-19th century and

WHEREAS Chinese and other AAPI have been the target of racist laws first aimed at other oppressed nationalities. The anti-miscegenation laws designed to prevent African Americans from marrying white Americans also were applied to Chinese, Japanese and Filipino immigrants up to and through World War II. Some school districts could and did segregate Chinese, Japanese and Chicano children into separate schooling from whites, and

WHEREAS the list of oppression is long, including 120,000 Japanese Americans forced into concentration camps during WWII in order to divert their possessions to White Americans, restrictive covenants used to force Chinese Americans to live only in Chinatown and so much more, and

WHEREAS from the moment that AAPI peoples encountered American racism, they have organized to resist it and have built coalitions with other marginalized and oppressed peoples of color, including collaborating with the Black Panthers and broader Black Liberation Movements, the active pursuit of undocumented immigration as a way to undermine white supremacist immigration policy, collaboration with the American Indian Movement, organized resistance within American Concentration Camps, fighting against the criminalization, surveillance, deportation and incarceration of South Asians and Asian Muslims and all other peoples of color and AAPI student movements for resources and power on university campuses, and

WHEREAS the education of the students of Chicago about movements for justice in their own and parallel movements in other communities of color is vital to their growth and education as free and full members of our society, therefore, be it

RESOLVED that the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) through this resolution shall send a message of unconditional solidarity to AAPI CTU members (Southeast Asians, East Asians, South Asians, Muslim Asians and Pacific Islanders among more) and all AAPIs . CTU stands for and supports all efforts for full equality of all oppressed peoples and nationalities including AAPIs; and be it finally

RESOLVED that the CTU and its members shall use our platforms to expose and combat racist violence and oppression of AAPIs. As education is a critical tool in the fight against racist ignorance, we will collaborate with the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, AFL-CIO (APALA) and our AAPI members in creating resources to aid education on AAPI movements within our classrooms and union and support AAPI student activism with a goal of a shared liberation for all.