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Last night, the CTU House of Delegates passed a resolution (full text) calling for escalating actions for safety in every school community across Chicago. This is a critical phase in our effort to push Mayor Lightfoot’s team at CPS to respond to the safety needs of educators, students and parents.

Now is the time to start discussing with your school delegate, other co-workers, parents and students how your school community can take action in the coming days and weeks.

Here are four ideas to get you started:

Flyer featuring CTU’s top 5 demands. Download the flyer for full text.

  1. October 15th day of action for safety, solidarity and community

    Get together with colleagues to plan a walk-in, mini-rally or a flyering event to engage parents on Friday, October 15. Download the flyer detailing our top five demands for safety (available at ctulocal1.org/demands), wear your CTU red, take photos and share them with the Union on social media. If you need help with planning, contact the CTU Organizing Department.

  2. Engage with your Safety Committee

    Even if there isn’t a crisis now, utilize this tool to stay informed, review and weigh in on your school’s safety protocols. If there is a safety issue, bring it to your school’s safety committee ASAP and take action! Make sure your school is following the guidance in the safety checklist, and visit our website at ctulocal1.org/safety for a comprehensive collection of resources that can help you fight for safety in your school.

  3. Engage with your school’s Local School Council (LSC)

    Let your LSC know about your school’s safety resources and protocols. If the Safety Committee has identified deficiencies, make sure the LSC knows about them. If admin isn’t responsive to your issues, the LSC represents an additional way to put pressure on them to act. Also, make sure your LSC knows about Union demands by sharing the flyer, and ask your LSC for help in circulating the United for Safe CPS Schools petition.

  4. Organize a COVID Test Kit event

    The mayor’s team at CPS has failed to provide efficient and timely COVID-19 testing for students and staff. As of the beginning of the month, they have now missed three deadlines. Thankfully, others are willing to help. The CTU Organizing Department is looking for members to host distribution of take-home COVID-19 test kits to CPS families at their school. Help keep students and families safe, while showing that real support is possible. If you would like to set up such an event at your school, please contact the CTU Organizing Department ASAP.

Mayor Lightfoot and her CPS team have made it clear through their failure at the start of the year, and stonewalling at the bargaining table, that we are the ones who will keep our school communities safe. We must stand together to demand the safety measures that our students, their families and our colleagues need, so please start planning today to keep pressure on the mayor and the district as we continue to bargain for the safe schools our communities deserve.

In safety and solidarity,

Jesse Sharkey
CTU President