Uncredited Years of Service

Some CTU members may be owed step increases they didn’t receive based on work in other districts. If you worked in CPS then left for another district before returning to CPS, you may not have received the step credit for your work in other districts that the CTU thinks you deserve. The CTU is pursuing a class action grievance to benefit members who didn’t get their due step increase upon returning to CPS.

This may be worth thousands of dollars to members who qualify!

If you started in CPS and then left for any reason and worked outside of CPS before returning to the district, CTU attorneys want to hear from you. We want to know whether you were granted step credit for the outside work you did, and how much. We need to gather data and a list of names of all the members who may qualify to grieve their loss of proper step increases. Even if you already filed a grievance, please complete our Past Work Credit Survey.

Clinicians who left CPS to work in education elsewhere and then returned to CPS can participate in this grievance.

Before you take the survey

The survey will ask you to provide specific information about your years of service both in CPS and in another district or districts. We recommend you gather some information before you start the survey so you can complete it in one sitting.* Because of the amount of money and number of potential grievants, it is essential that you provide all the information requested so we can properly prepare this grievance. The survey will ask for:

  1. Your original start date in CPS.
  2. The date you first left CPS.
  3. The start and end dates of each of your outside educational work experiences.
  4. The number of months in the school year at each of your outside educational work experiences.
  5. The number of months you worked at each of your outside educational work experiences.
  6. The date of your return to CPS.
  7. Your current step and lane placement.
  8. Your past experience of receiving or not receiving credit for outside work.
  9. If you already filed a grievance about this issue, your grievance number.

Take the Survey

Again, if you left CPS, worked another education job, and then returned to CPS you may qualify for considerable pay from this grievance. We anticipate that we will close the survey on May 31, 2024. So, please gather your information and take this survey as soon as possible.

* If you start the survey and find there is some information still missing, you will be able to return and complete it later.