CHICAGO — CTU President Stacy Davis Gates issued the following statement regarding today’s Supreme Court ruling striking down affirmative action programs:

“Today’s ruling opens up yet another tear in the fabric of our democracy. Affirmative action programs helped to undo decades of segregation that left Black, brown and female students as second-class citizens in their own cities.

“And these programs helped to transform colleges and universities from the lily-white institutions of the past into pathways to the middle class for historically marginalized people. Today, right-wing reactionaries on the Supreme Court are working hand in glove with billionaires that fund think tanks and elected officials that legislate policies rooted in white supremacy. These zealots are working overtime to undo the inclusion and equity that generations of civil rights activists have fought for.

“We refuse to stand idly by. Now more than ever, we must redouble our efforts to turn the tide on these attacks—by expanding democracy, civil rights and the Supreme Court itself—and that will require action organized by working people across the nation, at our jobs and in our communities.”

The Chicago Teachers Union represents nearly 30,000 teachers and educational support personnel working in Chicago Public Schools, and by extension, the more than 300,000 students and families they serve. The CTU is an affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers and the Illinois Federation of Teachers and is the third-largest teachers local in the United States. For more information please visit the CTU website at