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Starbucks Workers United Chicago Logo

If you haven’t already heard, Starbucks baristas from across the U.S. are holding a one-day strike on Thursday, November 17, and they’re asking for solidarity from trade unionists everywhere.

Below you will find a message to Illinois union members from a rank-and-file leader of Starbucks Workers United outlining the kinds of support that would be most helpful. You can use this form to let the organizers know what support you’d like to offer, and you can also donate to the solidarity fund at the Ridge and Clark store and the Armitage and Hoyne store.

A strong labor movement makes life better for all workers, and solidarity is what makes a strong labor movement!

Hello Illinois Community Supporters!

My name is Jen Lenz. I am a unionized Starbucks barista-organizer in Illinois and member of our movement’s National Contract Action Team (NCAT), a group of 171 baristas from 27 different states who have one goal in mind: developing strategic, nationally-coordinated actions to bring Starbucks to the bargaining table.

Today, I’m reaching out to our strongest community allies and asking them to join us on the picket line for what we’re calling our “Red Cup Rebellion!

On Thursday, November 17, 100+ stores nationally will be on strike due to Starbucks’ continuous and blatant disregard for its employees and the law. We chose this date in particular because it coincides with “Red Cup Day,” a yearly event of symbolic and economic importance to Starbucks, during which customers are given free reusable red cups with the purchase of a seasonal specialty drink.

Please use this form to share with us how you might be able to show your solidarity. We are also raising funds to support striking workers at the Ridge and Clark store and the Armitage and Hoyne store.

Please feel free to reach out to sbwu.solidarity@gmail.com with any questions that you have regarding the Red Cup Rebellion, and we’ll respond as promptly and thoroughly as possible.

Thank you again for all of your support. We look forward to working with you and showing Starbucks that we refuse to tolerate their blatant violations of labor law and continuous mistreatment of workers.

In solidarity,

Jen Lenz (she/they)

Starbucks Workers United