Unionized healthcare workers are on strike today through Thursday, January 5, at all Howard Brown Health locations across Chicago.

Last year, workers at Howard Brown voted 97% to join a union, and ever since management has been stonewalling. Then, just before New Year’s, management announced layoffs of 61 workers, more than a quarter of the unionized workforce!

Howard Brown Health Workers United (follow them on Twitter @HBHWorkers) is calling on all labor and community supporters to show their solidarity by joining the picket lines according to the following schedule:

Howard Brown Health Workers United strike schedule

On Wednesday, January 4, the CTU will be at the clinic at 4025 N. Sheridan Rd. at 12 noon with pizza for striking workers. Nothing says solidarity like a pie! CTU member and English teacher Nora Flanagan and 50th ward aldermanic candidate Mueze Bawany will also be on hand as we stand against HBH’s unfair labor practices.

For CTU members who have the week off, if you have a few minutes, please consider putting on some CTU red and joining us tomorrow at noon. But really, you can put on your red and show your solidarity at any of the above picket lines.

If you don’t have time to go to the picket lines, you might consider making a donation to the workers’ solidarity fund.

CTU in solidarity with striking workers at Howard Brown HealthEarlier today, some CTU members made their presence felt at Howard Brown’s 63rd St. clinic. We’ll keep it up until the workers at Howard Brown Health win justice.

To learn more about what’s at stake in this labor struggle and what prompted this three-day strike, check out this article entitled “‘Straight-up Scrooge Behavior’ at Howard Brown” published today at Rampant Magazine.