The following resolution was passed by the House of Delegates at its November 1, 2023 meeting.


  • That we will develop and deliver professional development to help members understand the historic complexity and profound human impacts of this conflict.

  • That we will organize and facilitate affinity spaces to create, protect, and strengthen capacity for members to gather to share and process their experiences as members of impacted diasporas and communities.

  • That we will gather and share teaching resources, including standalone lessons, full unit plans, guidance for supporting students, and suggested further reading for school communities.

  • That we will gather, share, and support options and resources for supporting children and families impacted by conflict.

  • That we will work to fortify district guidelines for social emotional learning and trauma support for impacted students and families.

  • That we will seek and implement additional resources for conflict resolution, anti-bias, and anti-bigotry training in our union and our buildings.

  • Share and distribute resources to help students and school communities process the impact and trauma of violence at home and abroad

Some proposed resources