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Link to CPS form / Vínculo al formulario de CPS

Link to PARENTAL CONSENT FORM so CPS will test your child.

Vínculo al FORMULARIO DE CONSENTIMIENTO que CPS requiere para evaluar a su hije.

Flyer download / Descarga de volante

Download these flyers to help parents get their kids signed up for testing.

COVID safety: Get your CPS student tested!

Hey parents, do you want to sign up your kid(s) for COVID testing by CPS, but you aren’t sure how?

You’re not alone.

So far, the mayor’s CPS team has secured consent forms from about 7 percent of students. That’s right. Out of some 320,000 students, they have consent forms for less than 25,000 kids at this point.

Mayor Lightfoot’s CPS team hasn’t made it easy to sign up, and it appears that the main reason is that they don’t actually want to test large numbers of students. Testing is a crucial component of a layered mitigation strategy to keep outbreaks of COVID-19 in school communities at a minimum.

But as far as CPS is concerned, testing is a lot of work with the added problem that more testing will turn up more cases.

So the Chicago Teachers Union is working with parents, Local School Councils (LSCs), and school communities to inform parents about how to sign up their CPS students.

We also encourage you to circulate this flyer (download in English | en español) about how to register your child for testing. The more students and staff who get tested regularly, the safer our school communities will be.

Sign your child up today.

Here’s how to sign up your kid to get tested by CPS

What you will need:

  • A device with an Internet connection
  • Your student’s name, address, date of birth, and student ID number

Below are tips for how to deal with the trickiest parts of the sign-up process. The instructions don’t cover every step, only those that might be confusing.

CPS claims that testing will take place once a week at every school in the district, so once you provide consent, your child should be tested the next time that the CPS testing team comes to your kid’s school.

1. Go to the CPS consent form, and then scroll down and click on the “I am a student or parent/guardian button” and start typing the name of your kid’s school and then click on it. 

2. When you get to this page that says, “Please review this important information about COVID-19 Testing,” make sure you click on the two checkboxes — one in the middle of the page, one towards the end — before clicking “Continue.” One box gives CPS consent to perform the test, and the other gives CPS permission to view the results of the test.

Make sure to click on this checkbox in the middle of the page.

Make sure to click on this checkbox towards the end of the page.

3. On this page, you will need the address, date of birth, and student ID number for your child. Enter the student ID number in the box labeled “Organization ID number,” and don’t forget the checkbox at the bottom of the page. After answering a few more questions, you’ll be done!

Here’s where you enter your student’s name, address, date of birth, and student ID number