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CPS has confirmed that staff and members may conduct paid voluntary phone banking this summer to help families sign up their students for COVID testing and vaccinations, per our hard-fought MOU. Our efforts this year dramatically increased the number of students who signed up for and ultimately received COVID testing, protecting our families and school communities.

We’ve heard from members at some schools where there has been confusion about how this phone banking will be paid. We have been told by CPS that a new bucket number will be created — and shared soon — from which this work can be paid beginning July 1. Principals have been told they may coordinate with staff to schedule phone banking to occur at the school over the summer.

It is critical that we continue to sign up students for COVID testing because the pandemic is not over. We must ensure that robust surveillance testing — and the other important safety mitigations we fought so hard for — continue next year. The increased testing we won in our MOU critically helped identify COVID cases and reduce infections during the winter omicron and spring surges.

Additionally, members may still sign up to be COVID Testing and Vaccination Participation Captains for their schools and receive a $1,000 stipend for helping to coordinate testing and vaccination outreach. CPS reshared with principals the form they should use to sign members up for this work. But, captains must be signed up by this Friday, June 17. We are being told by CPS that captain stipends should be paid in mid-July.

Also, CPS is processing pay for those who still haven’t been compensated for contact tracing training that they received earlier this year. If you have yet to be paid for training, add your name to this form by tomorrow, Friday, June 17. You can find the official communication from CPS about this in your CPS email. The required trainings were:

  • OSHW Contact Tracing Orientation on SafeSchools.
  • Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Contact Tracing (link).
  • HIPAA training on SafeSchools.
  • FERPA training on SafeSchools.
  • Again, in order to receive payment, you must submit proof using this form that you completed the required trainings prior to June 2022.

If you still have questions, please contact your field rep.