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The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) is considering changes to the state assessment system. Make your voice heard! Complete this ISBE survey today.

Despite ISBE’s intent to make positive changes to assessment, the proposed changes would expand testing.

ISBE’s vision calls for the state to provide districts:

  • An optional system of standardized tests for each grade level, from preK through grade 12, in addition to what Illinois already mandates;
  • Access to additional standardized interim assessments for grades preK-12 which would provide test results during the school year; and
  • The option of bringing all local and state assessments onto a single administrative and management platform.

Tell ISBE that additional testing is wrong for students and teachers!

CTU members consistently oppose excessive standardized testing because the tests are unreliable measures of student learning and school effectiveness, narrow curricula, and drain resources from the classroom. Illinois already exceeds federal standardized testing requirements and has spent nearly half a billion dollars on high-stakes testing since 2005. The changes being considered would increase costs even more.

Please take a few minutes to complete ISBE’s assessment survey. Tell the state not to add additional testing and explain how they can achieve a more balanced approach to teaching and assessments.

This is your chance to be heard! Please complete the survey before it closes on December 6.

Take the Survey