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Illustration of 10 people of differing complections, with arms embraced in front of Chicago’s Little Village gate with the words “Defy, Defend, Expand Sanctuary for All” at the bottom.

Two Trainings

Trainings on these dates:

May 8May 29

CTU Center (1901 W. Carroll Ave.)

Be a leader on issues that impact immigrant students. Join the Chicago Teachers Union Sanctuary in Schools Member Development Program.

Trainings given by experts on the following topics:

Expanded Sanctuary Curriculum for Students

Educators will provide materials and guidance on culturally relevant curriculum, bilingual education and language access.

Sanctuary from Criminalization and Know Your Rights

Restorative Justice, Police out of Schools, Chicago Gang Database, as well as legislation and policy that affect students and their families; child and adult detention centers.

* Food Provided

Contact : 312.329.6247 or email rebeccamartinez@ctulocal1.org

Members will receive one-on-one support & access to the latest resources to prepare you to lead on this issue in your school and within our Union.