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Welcome back! This is a year like no other, but we know that you are making the most of a challenging time. In an update on accommodations, please note that employees who requested an accommodation to work remotely can work remotely while it is pending.

We have heard from some members whose applications for accommodation were stopped mid-process when CPS went remote. They are asking if the district can approve those applications in light of them now being asked to return to buildings.

Anyone whose application was stopped can have it reopened, and anyone who made a request for remote work can do so while approval is in process.

IMPORTANT: You must be specific in your request for a workplace accommodation. This is not an ADA accommodation request. Some physicians refuse to fulfill a request because ADA is for a disability only. The workplace accommodation is specific to COVID. See below:

ADA accommodations are normally given to people with a disability that need reasonable workplace accommodations that can be provided to employees with a disability using the interactive process required under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). CDC guidelines have now added that members with a medical condition that is considered high risk by CDC standards can also apply for an ADA reasonable workplace accommodation. Members can request accommodations (such as teleworking or other modifications to the workplace), and that request will be evaluated and considered and a determination will be made. Medical documentation is required.

ADA applies only to employees with disabilities or who have medical, cognitive or psychological limitations. In addition, employees who live with high-risk family members can apply for a workplace accommodation. You do not need to submit medical documentation for the family member. The employee certifies under penalty of perjury that the relative is immune-compromised or has a disability.

See the link below for more information on the various kinds of leave available to CPS educators, plus a link to CPS’ pre-questionnaire:

Feedback on return to school buildings

We continue to solicit information on building conditions from clerks and other employees who CPS has mandated to return to schools, as we track the lack of uniformity of the district’s plans. Some members are reporting gaps in CPS safety plans due to the lack of signage and sneeze guards, and we remain concerned by the threat posed by unsafe conditions. If possible, all members should be working remotely as the Union continues to negotiate with CPS to provide the proper safety measures.

If you have returned to a CPS school building or other work site, please continue to complete the Unsafe CPS School Conditions Reporting Form so we can track and respond to any unsafe working conditions. While we continue pushing CPS to negotiate a fair, city-wide policy that protects our safety, members who are directed into unsafe situations need to speak out and push back. Your union has your back.