Members will receive both their contractual raise and retroactive paycheck this Friday, February 14. That’s one pay period sooner than we were initially told to expect it. The raise will be reflected in the regular paycheck and the retro pay will come in a separate payment.

This Tuesday, February 11, the HR4U portal should have showed your paycheck with the new rate of pay. CTU dues will remain the same this month as last and will not be adjusted to reflect this raise until the February 28 paycheck.

Below are the changes that will be reflected on your paycheck and form the basis for your retro pay:

    • CTU FY20 COLAs: 3% pay increase effective July 1, 2019
    • PSRP pay increases in grades GA1, GA2, GA3, GB1, GB2, GB3, G03, G04, G05
    • Increases due to changes in step differentials for PSRPs
    • 3% increases to substitute pay rates
    • 3% increases to coaching pay rates
    • 3% increases to instructional and non-instructional after-school pay rates

On March 13, CTU members who are owed money due to the change in health care contributions will get a reimbursement payment.

In addition, on March 27 PSRPs will see lane changes and the raises that go with them at the end of March. Members with certain job titles who were recently added (“accreted”) to CTU membership may have additional pay that will be paid out at the end of March. In the meantime, their checks will reflect the 3% raise, as well.

October’s strike showed our strength and built our power. Along with new contract language to grieve class size, staff clinician positions, and much more, this raise reflects the hard work and sacrifice that every member put into that strike.

When we fight, we win!