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The following resolution was adopted unanimously by the CTU House of Delegates at its October 2, 2019 meeting.

Whereas, strikes are a tactic of last resort—when bargaining for dignity and basic needs has failed, and

Whereas, nearly 50,000 United Auto Workers members went on strike for more than two weeks in September 2019 against General Motors for better pay and working conditions after years of sacrifices and divisive two-tier benefit schemes and management responded by canceling the health insurance for all striking workers, and

Whereas, nurses at University of Chicago Medical Center—one of the wealthiest hospitals in the nation–who are members of National Nurses Union went on strike in September 2019 for increased staffing and improved patient care and were locked out by management bosses and temporary replacement nurses were brought in endangering patients, and

Whereas, educators in Evergreen Park School District 124 who are members of Southwest Suburban Federation of Teachers, Local 943 submitted a strike notice as negotiations for better pay and working conditions broke down and educators in North Shore School District 112 who are members of the North Shore Education Association passed a strike authorization vote over the need for additional preparation time and better pay, and

Whereas, faculty at Governors State University and Chicago State University who are members of University Professionals of Illinois, Local 4100 are locked in negotiations to reduce workloads and improve pay to be able to focus on their work with their students and clerical staff and academic professionals at Triton College who are members of Cook County College Teachers Union Local 1600 may be moving toward a strike as management has failed to negotiate fair pay and want givebacks on working conditions, and

Whereas SEIU, Local 73 members, who are SPED classroom assistants, bus aides, and security guards, working in CPS schools are fighting for wage increases that respect their workers and improved services for students and voted in July to authorize a strike, and

Whereas, CTU-ACTS members at Passages Charter School in Chicago took a strike authorization vote on Monday, September 23, 2019, and secured a 100% yes vote, partly as a result of management’s refusal to agree to sanctuary language for the school’s immigrant student population and chronic understaffing for the school’s special education students and English language learners, and

Whereas, CTU members in CPS schools took a strike authorization vote September 24-26, 2019, and secured a 94% yes vote, partly as a result of management’s refusal to put in writing contract language that significantly improves working conditions, that reduces class size, that increases staffing to meet the needs of our students, or that adequately raises the wages educators, especially that of paraprofessionals, who are the backbone of our schools, and

Whereas, these strikes and potential strikes are about more than wages and benefits—because a striking worker literally sacrifices both, and

Whereas, we all benefit when a giant multinational corporation like GM, which has relied on publicly funded bailouts to survive, is forced to treat workers and the families and communities they
support with dignity, and

Whereas, we all benefit when nurses are able to force management to provide better care for the sick, and

Whereas, we all benefit when educators and support staff fight for—and win—the supports that working class children need to succeed as students, therefore be it

Resolved that the Chicago Teachers Union stands in solidarity with workers in bargaining, on strike, and who may need to strike to preserve, protect, and advance the common good; and

Resolved that the Chicago Teachers Union will send messages of solidarity to striking workers and their union locals and share information on how to support striking workers with its membership; and be it finally

Resolved that the Chicago Teachers Union will seek additional ways of showing support based on the needs of the striking workers including, but not limited to, speaking at solidarity events and sharing information about strike funds, solidarity events and pickets.