The following resolution was brought from the floor and adopted by the CTU House of Delegates at its May 4, 2022, meeting.

WHEREAS the Chicago Teachers Union and the American Federation of Teachers, both overwhelmingly women’s organizations, have long been on record as pro-choice unions that support a woman’s right to reproductive freedom including the right to abortion; and

WHEREAS the Supreme Court of the United States has clearly indicated their intention to strike down Roe vs. Wade in their current session and a substantial number of states have already enacted or plan to enact draconian restrictions on a woman’s right to choose if and when they will have a child; therefore, be it

RESOLVED that the Chicago Teachers Union will publicly stand in defense of abortion and reproductive rights and will encourage its members to participate in activities including rallies and demonstrations, lobbying and political campaigns, educational events, and other actions to support the right to abortion, contraception and other reproductive rights.