The following resolution was adopted by the CTU House of Delegate at its September 1, 2021 monthly meeting:

Whereas the term “pension holiday” has been used to describe the Chicago Public Schools Board of Education decision to withhold their required payment to the Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund, and

Whereas this took place from 1996 to 2005 when $2 billion designated for teachers’ pensions instead went to the CPS operating budget after the Chicago School Reform Act of 1995 allowed nonpayment by the employer into the pension fund, and

Whereas in 2009 additional legislation was passed allowing nonpayment into the pension fund by the employer until 2014, and

Whereas this caused a huge deficit in the pension fund which is a problem now and will continue to be a problem threatening the safety of our pensions, and

Whereas “pension holiday” is actually pension default worded in a way that is intended to show the default as causing little harm or even as something positive, and

Whereas the term “pension holiday” is frequently used throughout the state and by the media, individuals and even Union members which often causes a lack of understanding of the damage that has been done to the Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund; therefore, be it

Resolved that the CTU communications and members will not use the term “pension holiday” but use the term “pension default” which accurately describes nonpayment of a required payment, and be it finally

Resolved that CTU will remind members and the media to use accurate language (“pension default” not “pension holiday”) in oral and written communications regarding non-payment of the employer’s pension payment that has been required.