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The following resolution was adopted without amendment at CTU’s April 3, 2019 House of Delegates meeting.

WHEREAS, the current Chicago Public Schools Network system is an inefficient use of district resources; and

WHEREAS, networks often give directives that focus too heavily on “data-driven instruction” at the detriment of student-centered instruction; and

WHEREAS, network offices have not followed or fulfilled their obligations in regards to special education, such as, submitting non implementation forms; and

WHEREAS, schools with higher numbers of black and brown students and students of low socioeconomic status are more likely to be subject to punitive oversight of test administration and data collection from the networks; and

WHEREAS, network chiefs and other network administrators often give directives to principals and their staff that go against the collective bargaining agreement and the law; and

WHEREAS, abuses carried out by network chiefs and other network administrators are more difficult to identify and organize against the abuses carried out by school administrators; and

WHEREAS, differences in network administration create inequitable working conditions for members working in different areas of the city; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) pledges to fight against abuses carried out by the networks; and

RESOLVED, that a member-led committee with an assigned staff liaison will be formed to work towards the actions listed below; and

RESOLVED, that methods will be developed to contact and survey all delegates and other CTU members within a given network; and

RESOLVED, that network PPC meetings will be held for each network a minimum of once per year; and

RESOLVED, that contract proposals will be developed in this and future contract campaigns specifically related to protecting members from abuses carried out by the networks; and

RESOLVED, that CTU will push for resources and staff to be taken out of the network structures to be invested directly in schools; and

RESOLVED, that CTU will hold network offices accountable for denying special education services to students with disabilities; and be it finally

RESOLVED, that CTU’s stance and public messaging on the current network system will be clarified.