The following resolution was passed unanimously at the August 30, 2013 meeting of the House of Delegates.

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WHEREAS the collective bargaining agreement between the UAW and Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis (collectively known as the Big 3) expires on September 14, covering 150,000 auto workers around the country, and

WHEREAS the leading demands include the end of two-tier wages and benefits, cost of living adjustments, including electric vehicle and battery plants in the master agreement, and secure union jobs in a just transition to electric vehicle production, and

WHEREAS the UAW’s contract fight with the Big three automakers will be a huge opportunity to advance a worker-led vision of a Just Energy Transition, and

WHEREAS UAW represents 5,400 union members at Torrence Ford Plant on the South Side, and

WHEREAS our communities benefit when a giant multinational corporation like the Big Three are forced to treat workers and the families and communities they support with dignity, and

WHEREAS the Chicago Teachers Union passed a Resolution supporting workers solidarity on October 2, 2019, therefore be it

RESOLVED the Chicago Teachers Union stands in solidarity with UAW workers in bargaining, on strike, and who may need to strike to preserve, protect, and advance their quality of life; and

RESOLVED the Chicago Teachers Union will send messages of solidarity to striking workers and their union locals; and be it finally

RESOLVED the Chicago Teachers Union will share information on how to support striking UAW workers with its membership, including walking picket lines in solidarity and raising strike support funds.