The House of Delegates overwhelmingly adopted this resolution at its October 6, 2021 monthly meeting.

Housing Committee Resolution to address homelessness, foreclosures, and evictions

WHEREAS the eviction moratorium has passed in the state of Illinois, whereas more than 60,000 people could face eviction, along with 200,000 others who are facing foreclosure;

WHEREAS up to 20,000 current CPS students are homeless, not to mention those in danger of becoming homeless; and

WHEREAS the CTU has won language for the first time to improve the staffing and conditions for STLS students, let it be therefore be


  1. CTU delegates will reach out to our staff and determine if there are homeless students that require additional support and advocacy at this moment. Including students that are currently in danger of being unhoused.
  2. Delegates shall also communicate with Student Voice Committees at our schools to survey students and families regarding their housing needs,
  3. The CTU will continue to demand full support and permanent affordable housing for any and all students and their families that need it from Pre-K to 12.