The following resolution was passed by the CTU House of Delegates at its April 7, 2021 meeting.

WHEREAS since the end of the United States Civil War, African American communities nationwide have been in the leadership of the struggle for community control of the police. The subsequent repression intensified by the betrayal of reconstruction, lynching and segregation made community control of the police a national demand, and

WHEREAS in Chicago from the time of the Great Migration until today the police have been under mayoral control. This mayoral control was in place during the 1919 race riots, and the Chicago mayor was in control when Jon Burge tortured so many young African Americans, when Jason Van Dyke executed Laquan McDonald, and when Anjanette Young’s apartment was broken into by Chicago police, and

WHEREAS despite running for mayor on a platform of police reform (and an elected school board), Mayor Lori Lightfoot is now the main obstacle to community control of the police standing in opposition to the City Council Black Caucus, City Council Latino Caucus, City Council Progressive Reform Caucus, and City Council Socialist Caucus, and

WHEREAS the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) House of Delegates (HOD) more than five (5) years ago endorsed the ordinance calling for an elected Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC). Many Chicago Teachers Union allies in labor and the community have also endorsed CPAC or another reform bill called Grassroots Alliance for Police Accountability (GAPA), and

WHEREAS all forces calling for community control of the police have come together around a single ordinance called the Empowering Communities for Public Safety ordinance. The ordinance gives residents a decisive role in shaping public safety in their neighborhoods and across the city, and creates the most democratic police oversight system anywhere in the country. This ordinance further calls for a citywide binding referendum that would provide the elected accountability that the CTU HOD endorsed more than five (5) years ago in CPAC, therefore, be it

RESOLVED that the Chicago Teachers Union endorse the Empowering Communities for Public Safety Ordinance; and

RESOLVED that the CTU shall encourage all aldermen and the mayor to vote for and sign this ordinance; and be it finally

RESOLVED that CTU encourage all district organizers, delegates, officers and members to work for the passage of this ordinance by promoting it in our communities and schools. All members are encouraged to call their alderman and encourage a vote in favor of the Empowering Communities for Public Safety ordinance.