The following resolution was passed by the House of Delegates at its April 7, 2021 monthly meeting.

WHEREAS we are in a historical moment in which the U.S. and the world have been forced to confront the legacy of systemic and institutional racism, and

WHEREAS now is the time to lead as educators toward what education will look like in the future: an education that promotes collective liberation from racism and prejudice that disproportionately impacts communities of color, an education system that promotes racial, economic, social and environmental justice, and

WHEREAS Professional Personnel Leadership Committees (PPLCs) and similar committees in charter schools have the ability to bring issues for and how to effectively have professional development trainings about transformative and ABAR (anti-bias and anti-racist work) e.g., restorative justice, four levels of racism, (internalized, interpersonal, systemic, and institutional) racial and cultural aggression, culturally relevant curriculum and more to the principal, Local School Council (LSC) or other relevant bodies, therefore be it

RESOLVED that Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) members shall encourage all school-based committees elected (LSC, PPLCs) or appointed (Bilingual Advisory Committees, Parent Advisory Committees, grade level/department, staff committees) across the school district to prioritize anti-racism and culturally sustaining curriculum in schools, teaching, and professional development with all school stakeholders by incorporating; and

  1. Fully funding quality professional development training (examples: Chicago Public Schools (CPS) resources, Network for College Support, UIC Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy, CTU Quest Center) available from the district and/or from outside organizations, for school stakeholders about restorative justice, four levels of racism micro-aggressions, and culturally sustaining curriculum.
  2. Proposals for Culturally Sustaining Curriculum (equity initiatives).
  3. Launch a student led and designed survey (potentially via the Student Voice Committee) that asks students about their experience with racism in schools, needs and desires for curriculum, diversity among staff, relations and interactions with other students and staff, etc.
  4. Launch a survey led and designed by teachers and staff (potentially via the PPLC or a similar committee) that asks teachers and staff about their experience with racism in schools and related needs and desires. Launch a survey led and designed by teachers and staff (potentially via the PPLC or a similar committee) that asks teachers and staff about their experience with racism in schools and related needs and desires.
  5. Advance proposals on Restorative and Transformative Practices
  6. Support efforts to reallocate funds from School Resource Officers to counseling, restorative justice, trauma informed instruction, and supports for students in temporary living situations.
  7. Expand Grow Your Own initiatives; increase access for community employment in schools.
  8. Regularly gather qualitative and quantitative data with school stakeholders on how to promote racial, social and economic justice, culturally sustaining curriculum and restorative practices in our classrooms, schools and community.
  9. Asset Mapping of community assets; connect student cultures to curriculum and school activities (example); parent involvement in curricular design; and shared leadership of curricular decisions with school stakeholders.

RESOLVED that supporting campaign materials, informational flyers, sample pledges, etc., to support this ongoing campaign to prioritize anti-racist and culturally sustaining PD and curriculum at all levels on CPS, with all CPS school stakeholders will be shared by delegates with all PPLCs in their buildings; and

RESOLVED that CTU will elevate these demands and proposals locally in Chicago, at the state level and nationally; and be it finally

RESOLVED that the delegates agree that upon passage of this resolution they will take back the proposed PPLC actions to their school PPLCs and report back to the Human Rights Committee to