There is no such thing as “normal” evaluation in a year that is anything but normal.

Limiting the scope and impact of REACH evaluation, and pushing CPS to commit millions to address staffing shortages and classroom coverage

Our district, like much of the nation, is in the middle of an acute labor shortage. Educators are already desperately overworked and do not need the additional burden of high-stakes, high-stress teacher and clinician REACH evaluation or PSRP evaluation. Especially in the throes of a global pandemic.

Through bargaining and your advocacy, CPS in November moved from its original position, which was to evaluate all CTU members, to instead limit the scope and impact of REACH evaluation for the majority of rank and file this year.

The district also agreed to allocate $10 million to address staffing and classroom coverage, including compensation for missed teacher prep time, compensation for teaching covering additional classes, miscellaneous employees, cadre positions and expanding the substitute teacher pool (with a priority on cadre positions) — all through strategies developed by agreement with the CPS-CTU Joint Staffing Committee on Equity.

We will continue to advocate for changes to the law that requires evaluation, and to REACH contractual processes. But, even still, we have tools to protect members’ rights and support our rank and file, ranging from pulling together and supporting one another and ensuring our colleagues who are evaluated are embraced and mentored by members not being evaluated, to grievances when principals abuse the Process and Appeals rights that remain in our contract.

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