Graphic for April 19 Rally for Supportive, Safe, and Sustainable Schools at Acero Torres

Please join charter educators at Acero Schools for our Rally for Supportive, Safe, and Sustainable Schools at 5:15 pm on Wednesday, April 19, at Acero Torres, 4248 W. 47th St.

We are fighting for a new contract, and we are demanding the following improvements to our schools:

  • More Special Education, bilingual, and intervention staff;
  • Safer schools; and
  • Sustainable careers, including equal pay for equal work and paid family leave

This fight is not just for educators at Acero, but for educators across the city of Chicago. What we win in our contract can pave the way for wins in other charter schools and at the district level.

Rally for Supportive, Safe, and Sustainable Schools
Wednesday, April 19, 5:15 pm
Acero Torres, 4248 W. 47th St.
RSVP to let us know you’re coming


We have already submitted all of our proposals to Acero management, and we have been waiting for weeks to get a response from them on economics. We are out of time and out of patience. Our students deserve more and better — NOW! This is the last Acero Board meeting of the school year, hence we are seizing the opportunity to speak directly to the CEO and the Board about improving our schools.


The rally begins at 5:15 pm, so feel free to head over directly after work and gather at Illinois Bar and Grill, 4135 W. 47th St. Grab a beverage, chat with your colleagues, and/or grade a few papers, and then we’ll head over to the rally together.

If you’d like, bring a sign about what you think makes a supportive, safe and sustainable school, such as adequate staffing, equal pay for equal work, or any other demand that resonates with you.


Parking is limited in the lot, so it might be a good idea to carpool or take public transportation if possible.

See you Wednesday!

In solidarity,
Jen Conant, Chair of the Charter Division
Caroline Rutherford, Vice Chair of the Charter Division
Claude Holmes, Secretary of the Charter Division