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As many know, the deadline for REACH PTs is December 2. As many ALSO know, this year’s performance tasks have drawn complaints from across the district for being wildly developmentally inappropriate, entirely too late, and generally doing what so many of these testing regimes do: robbing our students of vital instruction time.

CPS has acknowledged at the Joint Committee that literacy tasks were changed this year – clearly for the worse – and that there is widespread concern among our members.

Rank and file CTU member and bilingual kindergarten teacher Neysa Rivera is among members who have flat-out refused to administer this year’s PT tests. The Chicago Teachers Union supports Neysa for taking this principled stand — and we’ll do all we can to defend her from any CPS attempt to discipline her or take other adverse actions.

Read Neysa’s powerful letter of refusal to CPS, along with the District’s follow-up and Neysa’s response. While we know that many members have already given these tests, we encourage educators to share their concerns directly with CPS. We’ve also demanded to be included in a review of the accompanying EOY tasks — and importantly, are raising concerns about the racial analysis and equity issues related to SY 21-22 ratings.

Typically when CPS has no PT scores, the District shifts the 30% weighted on performance tasks to professional practice — ie., observations. While we can’t be sure what CPS may do in Neysa’s case, we EXPECT CPS to simply shift the weight of REACH PTs for this year to professional practice (observations), which is what CPS typically does when a teacher does not have REACH PT BOY and EOY scores. In short, CPS practice has been to adjust ratings rather than rendering unilateral punishment.

Neysa is taking a principled stance and cannot in good conscience obey the directive. We acknowledge that this is a risk. And we stand by Neysa, and will defend her for appropriately protecting her students despite the risk to her.

Learn more about REACH on the CTU website.