Congratulations to every member who worked hard this year to provide students with a successful and joyful school year. We made it!


Healthy, Safe, Green Schools: Friday, June 14th

We’re making history: we’ve agreed to the location, date, and format for our public bargaining session with CPS on our Healthy, Safe, Green Schools proposals.

Our first-ever public bargaining session will be livestreamed, and registration for in-person attendance is open to all CTU members and other members of the community. CTU and CPS will each make presentations of their proposals for modernizing CPS buildings to ensure safe, healthy and environmentally sustainable learning and working conditions for students and staff. During Public Bargaining we will also hear testimony from parents and leaders from community groups from across the city who have been fighting for safe and healthy conditions for our communities and against environmental racism for decades. Space is limited for this historic event.

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Chicago Public Schools has been unable to address the environmental injustice and the aging infrastructure in our schools, especially in our Black and Brown school communities which have been harmed by decades of cumulative impacts which has left those communities with high asthma rates and other negative health impacts. The average age of a CPS building is 84 years old, twice the national average for public schools. We have a historic opportunity to transform our school buildings into safe, healthy, and sustainable learning and working spaces for every member and student.

We are demanding that the Chicago Public Schools:

  • Repair and update our outdated and sometimes dangerous school facilities,
  • Remove contaminants from our school buildings,
  • Improve the air quality in and around our neighborhoods by using more renewable green energy,
  • Offer green technology opportunities for career and technical education,
  • Provide healthy, nutritious meals.

We need everyone in our union to show up for Healthy, Safe, Green Schools and this historic moment of public bargaining.

Be ready to:

  • Attend our bargaining session to support our bargaining,
  • Help amplify our union’s Healthy, Safe, Green Schools Proposals on social media,
  • Host a Watch Party for our Public Bargaining Livestream.

This bargaining session will set the tone for our next public bargaining sessions: let’s show parents and community allies that this contract will help our students and their families the most!

This Week: Wages and Benefits in Bargaining

In bargaining this week, our bargaining team presenters, CTU members Paula Barajas, Corey Blake, Bridget Doherty Trebing, Darcy Maxim-Otterbacher, and Lindsey Williston laid out the proposals our union needs for an equitable contract to CPS, as well as the equity issues that must be considered for our members and students to thrive in our school communities.

Healthcare and Benefits

We are a Union that is 80% women. Our healthcare proposals are about achieving equitable and reliable benefits. We discussed how our proposals make important advances to close racial and gender gaps for our members when it comes to health disparities, and to support women and LGBTQIA+ members and students.

Our proposals include:

  • Paid Parental Leave,
  • Free Vaccines at Pharmacies, increased abortion access and birth and doula support, free menstrual products, and support for members with disabilities,
  • Better mental health care for members, students, and their families,
  • Privacy, support services and pronoun protection for Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming students,
  • Expanded bereavement leave, and a health and nutrition task force with CPS.


We know that as inflation rises, members struggle to make ends meet, even as the amount of work and care we provide for our students remains the same. We also know that the CPS salary for an educator with a Master’s degree lags far behind that of other Illinois districts: this disparity is how we lose our most qualified educators.

As we told CPS in our bargaining session this week, members’ cost-of-living increases have fallen behind inflation. This is especially unfair for our veteran members and those with masters degrees, whose salaries’ must keep up with inflation and the salaries of comparably experienced educators in the suburbs. We also told CPS that they must implement a minimum salary rate to raise all bargaining unit members to at least 150% of the federal poverty level for a family of 4. This is a simple issue of racial and economic justice.

Our proposals for fair wages, including a 9% raise (either 9% or the current Consumer Price Index, based on whichever is higher, to account for the loss of real income due to inflation) in cost of living expenses, are reasonable — and CPS knows it!

Our salary proposals also include:

  • Eliminating multi-year steps and revising the salary schedule step increments to fairly compensate veteran teachers and PSRPs,
  • Living wage mandates for every CTU bargaining unit employee, especially our lowest paid PSRP members,
  • Giving members the right to elect equal paychecks or deferred pay, depending on your preference,
  • Fair compensation rates for overtime and extra duty work,
  • Greater pay advancement for teachers’ receiving a master’s degree or other forms of certification.

Healthcare and Salary Presentation 

CPS 2024-25 Budget: Webinar for TAs June 10

Unfortunately, CPS is threatening to lay off hundreds of Teacher Assistants, teachers, and other school staff. These potential layoffs make the end of this school year stressful and uncertain.


We’ve won a historic agreement that will provide hundreds of our Teacher Assistants with the job security they deserve.

For the first time ever, CPS has agreed to create a layoff prevention pool for PSRPs.This will guarantee that all impacted CTU members will suffer no loss in salary next year and will receive full pay and benefits as they secure school placements and positions (similar to how the Reassigned Teachers Pool works for laid off tenured teachers under our CBA).

CTU will be holding a webinar on Monday to share more information and answer your questions. Please sign up for the Monday, June 10, 3:30pm webinar HERE.

If you have been affected by end of the year layoffs or non-renewals, – do not hesitate to contact your CTU Field Representative for any questions, concerns, or assistance you need.

Summer Bargaining

Bargaining will continue throughout the summer: as Chicago educators, we care deeply about our students and the future of our Chicago Public School system. This year, we are negotiating our next CPS contract and the first ever school board election, coming this November. Our participation will be integral to winning a transformational contract and electing the future leaders of the district. This is our greatest chance to put our school district on the path of transformation.

Join Us for Public Bargaining on June 14th

Stay ready, stay united.


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