Send your pics and words to celebrate our paraprofessionals and school-related personnel!

Every day in schools, colleges and universities across Illinois, paraprofessionals and school-related personnel (PSRPs) make a huge difference for our kids and communities. They’re the front line of defense in our schools. They manage offices, make sure students are in safe and productive learning environments, bus students safely to school, provide healthy meals, clean buildings, and much, much more. Schools can’t function properly without PSRPs, yet despite all they do, we too often forget to tell them “Thank You.”

Our PSRP leaders and PSRP bargaining team. The heart and soul of our schools and our union.

Since 2006, the State of Illinois has designated the third Wednesday in November as Paraprofessional and School Related Personnel Day. Celebrate PSRP Day with your colleagues and show them you appreciate all they do each day.

If you’re a teacher or clinician, make a sign and take a pic with it, or take a selfie with a para at your school—be creative! Then post that pic to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feed using the hashtag #PSRPpower and mentioning @ctulocal1—and include a few words about why you value the paras at your school.

If you’re a PSRP, make a sign and take a selfie,  or take a pic with fellow educators, along with a few thoughts about the work you do and why you do it with the hashtag #PSRPpower.

Here are a few more ways that every CTU member can show appreciation for our PSRPs on PSRP day or any day this week.

  • Organize an appreciation breakfast or lunch.
  • Offer a card or buy a small gift.
  • Send a letter to the editor, write a blog post, or share your thoughts in another forum on the important work that PSRPs do for students.
  • If you’re a teacher or parent, have your students write letters to the PSRPs that help them. If any students would like to write to Vision & Hearing Screeners or other citywide PSRPs, email Tennille Evans and our organizing staff will gladly deliver letters or gifts.