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If you have any concerns that returning to school buildings that could force you to consider requesting a leave of absence in the fall, it’s critically important to fill out CPS’ pre-questionnaire.


If you may need to request leave due to medical vulnerabilities, other health concerns, to provide care for family members or for other reasons, respond to the question “please identify the situation below that best applies to you” by selecting any options that apply other than the first. If options 2-5 don’t exactly apply to your situation, we recommend using the last option (“Other”) and explain in your own words what safety, health, caregiving or other concerns may cause you to request a leave.

Your response on the CPS leave pre-questionnaire does NOT lock you in to applying for or even taking a leave, but it does let CPS know that thousands of members do not feel safe going back and are considering taking a leave. It’s critically important that we show CPS how widespread these concerns are among educators—and the challenges that their plan to return students and staff to the buildings create.

Again, CTU believes the district should opt for full remote learning until investments are made to provide safe conditions for students, families and educators. We do not hope to see members forced to take leaves, paid or unpaid. We do think this survey is an important opportunity to make sure that CPS truly grasps how vast our members’ concerns are. It won’t be enough to win a fully remote start to the year, but it’s an important part of the effort.

See the link below for more information on the various kinds of leave available to CPS educators, plus a link to CPS’ pre-questionnaire: