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Community demands a meeting with Mayor Emanuel over concerns about closings and turnarounds of neighborhood schools

January 4, 2011- Over 200 parents, students, educators, and community leaders from North Kenwood, Oakland, and the Greater Bronzeville community along with activists from Kenwood Oakland Community Organization, Chicago Teachers Union, Action Now, Albany Park Neighborhood Council, and Stand Up Chicago are participating in a sit-in outside the Mayor’s office demanding a meeting with the mayor to discuss the plan to turnaround, close, and consolidate schools in the mid-south region.

Some of the demonstrators traveled to successful school districts around the country over a two-year period and met with education leaders to develop the Bronzeville Global Achievers Village School Improvement Plan.  


“The Board of Education and Mayor Emanuel have yet to respond to parents’ efforts to garner support and implement their plan and save their schools,” said Jitu Brown, education organizer for KOCO. “Instead of respecting the very community that helped put him in office, he has gone deaf and unyielding in his mission to turn our schools over to politically connected school operators without a proven record of school success. We want to tell the mayor that the honeymoon is over.  Our community will not just sit back and take it.  We are not his subjects to be done with as he wishes. Our children deserve equal access to high quality schools now.”        

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