On election night, Chicagoans choose progressive change

Linchpin issues in April run-off include affordable and livable neighborhoods, adequately resourced neighborhood public schools, and an end to City Hall policies that benefit elites at expense of everyday Chicagoans.

CHICAGO—Chicago Teachers Union President Jesse Sharkey issued the following statement following last night’s historic municipal election in Chicago, where a number of CTU-endorsed candidates—including Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle—entered run-off elections or emerged victorious in citywide races:

“The voters of Chicago last night reiterated their tremendous desire for change in this city. We saw across the board that we can put the fight for an elected school board front and center and win. We can call for an end to charter expansion and school closings and win. We can fight for working class families and equal access to health care and win. We can say that Black Lives Matter and call for police accountability and win. We can be Black, brown, female and LGBTQIA+ and win. These are no longer just dreams or grassroots conversations, but realities of a new day in Chicago and the hallmark of our fight going forward.

“The movement won last night, a movement that is led, in part, by the progressive and independent political United Working Families party, of which our union is a founding member. This is a movement that believes in the need for investment in low-income communities and recognizes the pain of families whose neighborhoods have been ignored for far too long. It’s a movement that will fight for affordable housing, fully funded education and a city that works for everyone—not just the rich or whoever serves the whims of the fifth floor of City Hall.

“And let’s not forget the racist bedrock on which this city was founded, and functions to this day. An African-American woman on the cusp of the mayor’s seat is a monumental achievement. Last night, however, was just the beginning. We are back at work today—in the streets and in our communities—for a better Chicago, because this is a movement for educational, social, racial and economic justice that will not rest until that justice comes. And as a union, we will continue to push for the schools and the city our students deserve, and we are extremely proud and honored to work alongside candidates who will help make that vision a reality.”

All CTU-endorsed candidates winning support on Tuesday

MayorToni Preckwinkle
City TreasurerMelissa Conyears-Ervin (runoff)
4th WardAld. Sophia King
5th WardAld. Leslie Hairston (runoff)
6th WardAld. Rod Sawyer
10th WardAld. Sue Garza
13th WardAld. Marty Quinn
15th WardRafa Yañez (UWF, runoff)
16th WardAld. Toni Foulkes (runoff)
17th WardAld. David Moore
18th WardAld. Derrick Curtis
19th WardAld. Matt O’Shea
20th WardJeanette Taylor (UWF, runoff)
22nd WardMike Rodriguez (UWF)
23rd WardAld. Silvana Tabares
25th WardByron Sigcho (runoff)
26th WardAld. Roberto Maldonado
28th WardAld. Jason Ervin
29th WardAld. Chris Taliaferro
30th WardJessica Gutierrez (runoff)
32nd WardAld. Scott Waguespack
33rd WardRossana Rodriguez (UWF, runoff)
35th WardAld. Carlos Ramirez-Rosa (UWF)
39th WardRobert Murphy (runoff)
44th WardAld. Tom Tunney
48th WardAld. Harry Osterman
49th WardMaria Hadden (UWF)
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