After months of preparation and discussion, by more than 500 CTU committee members and our city-wide PPC, we are pleased to share our proposals for our upcoming contract negotiations.

You can view the contract proposals through MemberLink (you will need to be registered on the portal to access it). These proposals are submitted to our union’s highest governing body, the House of Delegates, and will be discussed and voted on during Wednesday’s HoD meeting.  And that still means it’s not for you, IPI!)

Here are the contract proposals.

In this transformative contract negotiation, our work is to set the baseline of what every student in Chicago Public Schools deserves.

For generations, our public schools have faced segregation, privatization, disinvestment and chronic underfunding. In 2012, we took to the streets to demand the schools Chicago’s children deserve. And in 2012, 2016, and 2019 our demands were met with fierce opposition from CPS and the mayors at the time. We’ve had to strike just to get the real negotiations to begin.

This is not the case in 2024. This time, we are moving forward with the full restoration of our bargaining rights and a mayor who has experienced firsthand the needs of our students as a history teacher and CTU member.

A Shared Vision for Public Education in Chicago

We begin this contract negotiation process with a vision for the future of Chicago Public Schools shared by our mayor. Our members and educators, Dr. Monique Redeaux-Smith, Dave Stieber, Lori Torres, Nina Hike and committee co-chair CTU Vice-President Jackson Potter, served on the education committee of the mayor’s transition team along with many of our allies in the fight for justice. They helped to draft the mayor’s education transition report. This transition report not only reflects our vision as a movement, but, like this year’s contract proposals represents an unprecedented diversity of voices and perspectives.

What to Expect from Our Opponents

Even with this shared vision, we know there is no such thing as an easy contract negotiation. As they were in 2012, 2016, and 2019, the forces of privatization, scarcity, and segregation are still present today. Those forces and their friends in the media will put tremendous pressure on our school board and our mayor to say no to our proposals. Our opponents will be searching for any opportunity to distort the terms of our contract negotiations (including “leaking” our proposals), but we will be ready.

Getting Organized

At CTU, we know better than anyone how to organize. And we know that the people of Chicago share our vision for the schools Chicago’s children deserve. So tomorrow, CTU President Stacy Davis Gates will address the City Club of Chicago, a room of local media and leaders who have not always been in alignment with our vision for public education.

In this speech, President Davis Gates will set the tone for our transformative contract campaign, outline the history that brought us to this moment, and invite city leaders to join us in moving from “No” to “How Might We Transform Chicago’s Public Schools?” This, along with our HoD meeting on Wednesday, will launch this next phase of our work.

Our contract campaign, which must transform Chicago’s public schools and create a new baseline for the education that every child receives, will succeed because of our strength together — as nearly 30,000 educators, PSRPs, staff, joined together with parents, students and community leaders.

This is how we will transform Chicago schools.

What’s Next for You?

Creating a contract that serves all of our communities is only possible because of the strength of our union’s multiracial democracy. As we prepare for next steps, we need every leader in our union involved. This week, please join a union meeting at your school, or reach out to your delegate for next steps. Or, if you’d like to get more involved, join the contract action team for your school or job title.

From all of our officers, staff, and leadership — thank you. This is not easy work, but it is transformative work. It’s how we will create the Chicago our communities deserve.

In solidarity,

The Chicago Teachers Union Officers

Stacy Davis Gates, President

Jackson Potter, Vice President

Christel Williams, Recording Secretary  

Maria Moreno, Financial Secretary