In accordance with Article V, Section 2 of the Chicago Teachers Union Constitution and By-Laws, the terms of office of current delegates will end on January 31, 2021. This means that all school delegates as well as other active member delegates, such as PSRP delegates, clinician delegates, etc. will need to conduct remote elections in their functional groups in order to be seated at the February House of Delegates meeting on February 3, 2021. Instructions follow below.

Retiree Delegates

The CTU Executive Board approved a delay in conducting the retiree delegate elections so that modifications to the retiree delegate election procedures can be made that will make them safe for our retiree members in a pandemic and aligned with our constitution. All current retiree delegates will continue to serve in their capacity as indicated in the CTU Constitution until elections can be held for new retiree delegates. Instructions for retiree delegates will be forthcoming.

December 1, 2020 Update

The Executive Board approved procedures for retiree delegate elections at its November 30, 2020 meeting.

Remote nomination and election procedures

Remote nomination and election procedures for active members were established by the CTU Rules-Elections Committee and approved by the CTU Executive Board for the 2021-2023 Three Year Delegate Term. These remote procedures were established after the closure of schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The number of delegate vacancies will be determined based on the formulas provided in Article VI, Section 2 of the CTU Constitution and By-Laws using the numbers of members on November 30, 2020.

Regular Members

Each school (Charter and District) or clinician representative unit shall have at least one (1) Delegate and additional Associate Delegates to the House of Delegates as follows:

Number of Regular Members at the School or Citywide Representative Unit

House of Delegates Members from that School or Citywide Representative Unit

1 to 59

1 Delegate

60 to 99

1 Delegate and 1 Associate Delegate

100 to 139

1 Delegate and 2 Associate Delegates

And one (1) additional Associate Delegate for every forty members thereafter

Teacher Delegates

Teacher delegate election procedures with instructions for conducting remote elections will be sent via email to current school delegates on December 1, 2020. School rosters will be sent through the USPS to school delegates during the first week of December 2020. Please contact with questions about school rosters. CTU staff will make every effort to find a contact person in buildings without delegates. In schools that are entitled to both delegates and associate delegates, delegates should be elected first, then the newly elected delegate should conduct the elections for the remaining associate positions.

Schools may begin conducting elections beginning in December 2020. In order to be seated in time for the February 4, 2021 House of Delegates meeting, elections must be completed by January 22, 2021. Elections completed after January 22, 2021 will be processed, however seating at the February 2021 HOD meeting cannot be guaranteed.

Citywide/PSRP/Clinician Delegates

Remote citywide delegate election procedures and delegate vacancies in each citywide functional group calculated based on the November 30, 2020 membership numbers will be sent via email to citywide members eligible to vote and posted on the CTU website on December 1, 2020. Elections will begin in December 2020 and end by January 22, 2021.

The Membership Department will send via email the Notice of Nominations and Election for Citywide Delegates at least 15 calendar days prior to the date of the nominations meeting. Included in the email will be a link with simple instructions for how to join the remote nominations meeting. The date of the remote election, if necessary will be no less than five (5) days and no longer than ten (10) days after the remote nominations meeting. The duration of the remote election will be two (2) business days. The Membership Department will send a reminder notice of the remote, Citywide delegate’s election three (3) calendar days prior to the vote.

At the remote nomination meeting, members who nominate delegates must be a member of the functional group of the delegate they nominated. Those who second the nomination may only do so for members of their own functional group. Members may nominate themselves, but must get a second from another member in good standing from their functional group. Elections will only be held when there are more candidates than vacancies.

Citywide delegate candidates wishing to mail campaign literature at their own cost to citywide members in their functional group must send via email their request in writing, to the CTU Membership Department at The Membership Department will send to the candidate the name and contact information of the mail house and the deadline for receipt of the campaign literature. The candidate may contact the mail house to determine the cost for preparing and mailing the literature. The candidate will contact the mail house and the Membership department if they decide to send the literature. The Membership Department will provide the mail house with the names and last known mailing addresses of members in good standing in the candidate’s functional group.

The CTU Membership Department will prepare the electronic ballot with the names of the candidates. The names’ of candidates will be randomized electronically and listed in order on the electronic ballot. Each member eligible to vote in the citywide functional group will receive an e-mail at the e-mail address in the CTU database. The e-mail will contain a unique link which allows the member to cast a vote for delegate. At the end of the voting period, the CTU membership department will verify and communicate via email the results to the CTU members in the functional groups.

Please send questions to