Whereas since its official inception in 1937, the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) has become the leading voice for professionals who are employed in both Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and many unionized charter schools, and

Whereas the Chicago Teachers Union is one of the country’s most powerful labor unions because of the active organizing of the more than 27,000 teachers, clinicians, paraprofessionals and other members serving Chicago’s students in more than 600 school buildings, and

Whereas the COVID-19 pandemic has been incredibly challenging for CTU members as well as the students and families we serve and the Union continues to fight for adequate safety measures, staffing, and cleanliness, in order to improve conditions in schools across the city, and

Whereas we win improvements to school conditions through our collective advocacy and visible organizing in our schools and with members of our communities, and

Whereas in order for the CTU to remain strong, new and other non-member employees in unionized schools and positions must be actively invited to officially join the Union and be engaged in conversations and experiences that help them understand the power of and need for the Union, and

Whereas right-wing, billionaire-backed, astroturf organizations recognize the significant power of the CTU and know that the best way to erode our power and influence and ability to win the schools Chicago’s students deserve is to try to convince individuals to quit or never join the Union, and

Whereas many CTU members sign up to join the Union at the beginning of each school year, but that there are new employees hired and those not reached by back to school efforts to sign up new members, therefore, be it

Resolved that the Chicago Teachers Union shall deem December 2021 as “New Member December”; and

Resolved that Union staff, District Organizers, Delegates, and all rank and file members shall make considerable effort to encourage new employees to join the Chicago Teachers Union in full membership; and be it finally

Resolved that New Member December activities shall include, CTU staff providing all delegates with specific lists of their non-members, delegates, DOs, and other member leaders (including those on PPCs, PSCs, PPLCs, CATs and safety committees) and staff phone banking, having in-school 1:1 conversations and otherwise reaching out to non-members to talk to them about joining, sharing the online union application card widely with members, holding union meetings in schools to help find members willing to fill delegate vacancies, sharing the CTU’s New Member Handbook widely to all members so they can share it with non-members and use the Handbook answer questions in school union meetings, safely host new member gatherings to meet and welcome new members, and more.