At the June 2 House of Delegates meeting, Norma Noriega of Stevenson ES, Lori Torres of Monroe ES and Aisha Wade-Bey of Lawndale CA were elected to fill vacancies on the Executive Board as functional vice presidents representing elementary school teachers. They will hold those seats for the rest of this term, which lasts until June 30, 2022. All three won votes from a majority of the delegates who cast ballots during the House meeting. We posted the procedures for the vote to fill vacancies back in April of this year.

A total of 243 elementary teacher delegates cast ballots.

The results are as follows:

74Terri Hehn, John Garvy Elementary School
132Norma Noriega, Stevenson Elementary School
73Victor Ochoa, Burbank Elementary School
137Leonor “Lori” Torres, Monroe Elementary School
52Adrienne Vaccarezza-Isla, Logandale Elementary School
157Aisha Wade-Bey, Lawndale Community Academy
73Deborah Yaker, Hanson Park Elementary School

Congratulations to these elementary school teachers and to all the teachers who stepped up to run for this opportunity to serve our union members.