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CPS appears to be moving ahead with planning next year’s school calendar, and we need CTU members’ input. We have met initially with CPS and will continue to advocate that they truly bargain with us over components of the new calendar.

We know that not everyone will agree with any final version of the calendar, but we want to ensure, like we did last year, that our CTU advocacy speaks directly to what the majority of our members think is best.

Take the Survey!

Please note that some components of a calendar that may be popular may not be compatible with other popular components. There will inevitably be trade offs. This is why many questions are posed as “which do you prefer more”. It will also help us target our advocacy. There are also questions though of overall priority preferences and an open-ended question to capture your input.

As soon as possible, please complete this survey thoughtfully and encourage your colleagues to complete it as well.

In solidarity,

Jen Johnson, CTU Chief of Staff