The CTU finalized this fall a Memorandum of Understanding with CPS that will increase our ability to add members to the Union. This MOU will give employees in new CTU positions automatic raises and improved working conditions. Since 2019, the CTU has added more than three dozen formerly non-union CPS position titles into the CTU bargaining unit. This ongoing, critical organizing work has expanded our Union’s reach and power, increased our membership, and secured critical wage, benefits, and working conditions improvements for these employees.

The problem adding all of these positions has posed (admittedly, a high-quality problem) is that contract terms have to be bargained with CPS for each of these dozens of new positions titles. Under the law, when a group of employees join a union, their status quo terms and conditions of employment must remain the same as they were when they were added to the union until negotiations have concluded on new terms. While this importantly prevents employers from imposing worse terms on employees who have just unionized while bargaining takes place, with CPS it has had the effect of leaving members in new CTU positions in limbo for long periods of time until new terms can be finalized with CPS.

The new MOU, however, establishes baseline terms that will apply to all newly accreted position titles as soon as the positions are added to the bargaining unit and until bargaining has concluded on position-specific terms. Under the MOU, upon recognition as a CTU position and until bargaining has concluded, employees in newly recognized bargaining unit positions will:

  1. COLAs – Receive CTU’s yearly contractual cost of living adjustment (“COLA”) raises;
  2. Pension Pick-up. – Receive the pension pick-up under the CTU contract (resulting in an automatic 7% raise for most impacted employees in formerly non-union CPS position titles);
  3. Health Insurance – Have available to them all health insurance benefits available under the CTU contract; and
  4. Evaluation – Have no changes made to their evaluation process until any change are negotiated between CTU and CPS

We are excited about this MOU and the assistance it will provide in growing our membership and creating the working conditions and learning conditions that Chicago’s students and educators deserve.