Late last night we received a tentative framework from Chicago Public Schools for the resumption of in-person learning. We will continue with remote learning until we complete our customary process of rank-and-file review and assessment.

This framework represents the progress we’ve made at the bargaining table, which, while not everything our school communities deserve, must be evaluated against the uncertainty of a potential lockout.

We don’t reach this point without your strength, your unity and your collective action, but because of the twists and turns that negotiations have taken under the direction of Mayor Lightfoot and CPS leadership, I am certain that there will be no further gains without additional action.

It is extremely important to note that, despite what the mayor and her CPS team claim, this is not an agreement between the Board and the Union. Any agreement is your choice, and your choice alone, to make.

This is a framework and we are a democratic union. We don’t reach an agreement until you make that decision.

Here is a one-page summary and Complete Framework for Resumption of In-Person Instruction for your review.


Complete framework

We are convening an all-member meeting today at 2 p.m. to discuss these developments as part of our democratic process before we proceed to the House of Delegates for further review. Please register below.