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Dear CTU family:

As you may know, we’ve been pressing CPS for months about their promised – but not yet delivered – opportunity to make up for lost instructional days during the mayor’s January lockout.

The board of education did not add extra days to the calendar, but last month CEO Martinez did promise to allow teachers, PSRP’s, and clinicians to perform additional work for additional pay. Today, the board finally sent guidance to principals about how that will work.

Click on the table on the right or at this link to read the CPS Labor Relations email that was sent to principals this morning.

While the direction from Labor Relations leaves many questions open – it’s not clear, for example, what resources are available for a school that has already spent their MFT (“Moving Forward Together”) funds – Labor Relations has clearly identified several areas where members should be able to earn extra wages.

We anticipate issuing further guidance on how to make use of this opportunity and how to overcome any common obstacles. We encourage you to take the following initial steps:

  • Talk to your union delegate and ask them to raise the topic with your administration, including through the PPC.
  • Your principal will need to approve requests – and she may have particular criteria in mind. You may be asked, for example, to provide evidence on why the additional instructional time is needed, so it’s best to be prepared. Use the guidance from Labor Relations as a tool to win approval for makeup work.
  • If your principal is blocking approval, please let your CTU field rep know.
  • Encourage members of our bargaining unit to seek pay for instructional, therapeutic, outreach, and administrative activities that are performed outside of regular work hours.

In solidarity,

Jesse Sharkey
CTU President