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CPS history teacher Jen Johnson came across a petition from Oregon corporate education group “Stand for Children” hosted on the liberal website Change.org. She was surprised to see a progressive media company working with a reactionary anti-union group. The petition was filled with misinformation about the current CTU/CPS contract negotiations. 

Jen wrote this petition urging Change.org to drop Stand, which received thousands of signees within days.

Change.org did the right thing and dropped Stand – as well as the teacher-bashing group fronted by former embattled D.C. schools boss Michelle Rhee – from its client list. 

Jen and colleagues explain why they signed the petition. 

Stand and other out-of-town astroturf groups are not going anywhere. They now have friends in a new group of  “venture philanthropists” who will throw more money into privatizing schools and turning teaching to a low-wage, high-turnover, temporary job.

Although Stand can no longer use its petition as a means to spread misinformation, they are taking their talking points to the public. Please attend one of their upcoming events and to speak truth to dollars.

We can expect more attacks from the out-of-towners, so please sign up for alerts from Chicago Teachers Union today. 

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