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Mayor Lightfoot and the Board of Education are pushing to return students and staff to school buildings without meaningful input from parents, educators, or independent medical and safety experts. This reckless effort prioritizes the Mayor’s political interests at the expense of our students, health and safety, and the advancement of equity or trust in our public schools.

The Illinois Educational Labor Relation Board (IELRB) issued a preliminary ruling not to impose an injunction, yet, against CPS’s plan to force Pre-K and Special Education cluster students and educators on Thursday, December 17. This development requires a new call to action. While there will still be an IELRB hearing on the full case, we must all insist that elected officials raise their voices to demand safety and equity we can trust for our school communities.

We hope this situation does not come to the kind of bold action the Union has been forced to take in the past. Urge your representatives in the City Council, in the Illinois Senate and the Illinois House of Representatives to step in. With good counsel from elected officials and the public there is still hope to pull the mayor and CPS back from the confront­ation they’re provoking.

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